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At College Planning Partners, we specialize in college preparation, planning, and admissions consulting services.  We have helped hundreds of students and their families comfortably navigate the complexities of the college admissions process and expand their college choices. 


We embrace a personal approach, focusing on a student’s interests, abilities and commitments, while prioritizing a positive college planning experience within the context of a balanced and fulfilling high school career.


College Planning Partners enjoy working with students of all abilities and interests including scholars, artists, thespians, community volunteers, and athletes. We seek to maximize students’ college options by helping them channel their passions and optimize their academic performance and extracurricular achievement. We are proud to have helped hundreds of students with acceptance to college and with finding millions of dollars of scholarship support.


With our guidance, knowledge and resources, we aim to minimize the uncertainty and complexity of college planning, making the process both enjoyable and affirming.

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