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 Both Mrs. Ohno and Dr. Snowden possess a breadth of knowledge on interviews, essays, recommendations, and every facet of the college search.  At College Planning Partners, every student is guided with a unique approach that highlights the specific characteristics that make them stand out. They do not simply seek to help students complete their applications, but also to aid in the discovery of which school is right for that student.  Mrs. Ohno and Dr. Snowden have such an enduring interest and overall investment in their student’s futures that I never felt like just a client, but a member of the CCP family. I cannot speak highly enough of the work done by College Planning Partners. They are the best at what they do. With their assistance, I gained admission into every school I applied to, including two Ivy League institutions, and received a four-year, full tuition, merit-based scholarship to the school of my choice. I plan to attend Yale University in the fall of 2020. My family and I continue to recommend them to any student looking to take the first step toward their college future.

Maya - Yale University Class of 2024

All three of my children worked with Dr. Catherine Snowden and Ms. Pam Ohno in their respective college placement processes and all three had unique, yet incredibly positive experiences. The strength of the College Planning Partners approach and methodology  is in helping the student understand and pursue their goals and find universities or colleges that will enable them to fulfill these goals and pursue their interests. They not only provide invaluable advice to each student with respect to their applications and essays, but they are especially adept at listening to, encouraging and guiding each individual student, through every step of the application process. They are positive-minded, encouraging and incredibly responsive to not only each individual student, but to their parents as well. 


Shirley - parent of three College Planning Partners students- 

Vanderbilt University Class of 2016

Yale University Class of 2019

Washington University Class of 2024

Catherine Snowden was extremely helpful in guiding our college admission process.  Her discussions with our child, and with us, were unusually powerful in helping our applicant combine seemingly unrelated activities and accomplishments into a powerful story.  She doesn't push; her mode is more inquiry, and always asking the applicant "why did you like this?"  and, "tell me why this meant a lot to you."  The process of working with her was discovery and insight, not insincerity and decorating.  Her breadth of knowledge about the schools that might be a good fit greatly expanded our choices in ways that were really helpful.  We also found her very good at prompting honest discussions between us and our child about college choices and the overall process.  Very happy!!!


R.K. - parent-

Washington University Class of 2024

Never in a million years did I think I could ever get acceptance letters from the likes of Yale, Duke, Hopkins, Vanderbilt, WashU, Rice, Emory, UF w/ Honors, and GWU w/ Honors.

I know I've said this a million times, but I'll just go ahead and say it again since it won't hurt. I never would have been able to achieve this without your guidance and essay editing expertise at CPP. I went into this process sorta assuming HYPSM was some mythical far-away land that nobody ever really knew existed. But I guess luck turned out in my favor. I will do my best to refer anybody in the future to you guys if at all possible.


Sam - Yale Class of 2025

It's no big secret that applying to college can be a daunting task for both prospective students and their parents. The services provided by Dr. Snowden and Ms. Ohno, including (but not limited to) refining my school list, assisting with editing and revising supplemental essays, helping fill out the Common Application, and ensuring that my scholastic efforts were properly prioritized, were invaluable throughout my college application journey. I'm headed to my dream school this fall, and I can't thank Dr. Snowden and Ms. Ohno enough. My only regret is that I didn't reach out sooner!

Adam - University of Chicago Class of 2025

Are you looking for a college counselor for your child?  Take a deep breath and relax.  Feel yourself fortunate because you have found the right counselor and you have  struck gold.


Dr. Snowden, Mrs. Ohno and their team are compassionate, wise (beyond college choices), most communicative, and insightful, especially in college selection.  My grandchild was accepted to a wonderful schools, and this would have never happened without Dr. Snowden's partnership. I could not be happier for my granddaughter's choice and more importantly my granddaughter herself could not be happier. 


Dr. Snowden calmly guided her through the ups and downs, the disappointments and the victories.  She was immensely supportive during the difficult times and was as thrilled as much for my granddaughter's results as was my granddaughter.  Besides all the personal attributes for a successful college counselor she has an incredible breadth of knowledge of the schools (she knew the mascot of Haverford) and what is necessary to get into each college. 


My second granddaughter was a bit hesitant about the college selection process and she was geared onto the path of least resistance.  After her initial meeting with Dr. Snowden, she is now all in and wants to do her best in order to get into the best school that matches her interests. 


 My point is that working with CPP is not a cookie cutting process.  Dr. Snowden met with her and got to know her first without arriving at any conclusions about the best college choices for her.  She is completely different than my older grandchild and with different predilections. Dr. Snowden knew from their discussion the college choices for her would be completely different.  Dr. Snowden listened to her.  My younger grandchild was often compared to the older child and she did not want to be perceived through the same lens.  I am so excited that Dr. Snowden and her will be working together for her success in this grinding and difficult college selection process. She can now see the trees in the forest. 


We all need a hand during this time and Dr. Snowden gladly gives her hand and suggestions with wisdom, care, and a wealth of experience.

Brian, Grandfather - Pomona College Class of 2025


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